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Kids For Money

Warning: The Truth About
Child Protective Services and
The Staggering Impact on Society

Book Overview

After my children were taken from me by CPS in Sacramento County, my two daughters and I became victims of “the system.” As a single parent of over twelve years I had no resources to hire a good lawyer and like most people I didn’t know how to tell a good lawyer from a bad one until it was too late. I went through two court appointed attorneys before becoming my own lawyer and fought for the return of my two daughters for 14 and 21 months respectively.

When the juvenile court case came to an end, the last report said that I had benefited from their services so that the second daughter could now return home safely. What the report did not say was that I had finished a parenting class, an anger management class, and a counseling referral in the first six months but had received no other services for fifteen months. There was no mention of how the fifteen months of separation with no services had benefited my family. Merely saying that I benefited from their “help” was the justification for returning the girls.


“This is a great book!

I purchased it at a law bookstore in downtown Sacramento shortly after my kids were removed in 2006. I went in there looking for some kind of book that could help me with my case and as it turns out, the owner of the bookstore told me it was the most popular book on CPS they had! I too live in Sacramento and can say that I experienced CPS and the system the same exact way as he did. Kudos to Don Lyons!!!”

~Heather D., Sacramento, CA

(unsolicited testimonial)

The battle was not yet over because I filed suit in federal court against the county and it’s employees for falsifying evidence, withholding evidence, along with violations of civil and constitutional rights.

“It’s safe to say that too often, the very worst representation in juvenile court is the representation provided to parents,” said Howard Davidson, Director of the American Bar Association’s Center on Children and the Law. “That’s an issue that has to be addressed.”

Evidence hidden by the social workers showed my innocence and that I had been the victim of false reporting. After almost five years in eight different courts the county settled with me out of court just 13 days before the trial.

The way I see it, I won. I got my kids back and received a settlement of cash and guarantees but the information it took me five years to learn is of greater value. I learned that my case could have been over in days or weeks instead of years if I would have had the information in this book.


Table of Contents

Introduction to Section One

  • Chapter 1 – Adoption bonuses
  • Chapter 2 – The California connection
  • Chapter 3 – How big is the problem?
  • Chapter 4 – The safety issue
  • Chapter 5 – The Fraud that is the juvenile court
  • Conclusion to Section One

Introduction to Section Two

  • Chapter 6 – What they won’t tell you – rights and consequences
  • Chapter 7 – Paper lawyers
  • Chapter 8 – What your lawyer should do for you
  • Chapter 9 – Odds of your children returning home – time frame for younger children

Introduction to Section Three – “Our Story”

  • Chapter 10 – What the mother did.
  • Chapter 11 – What “the system” did.
  • Chapter 12 – What “the system” tried to do to me/ “Rosie”
  • Chapter 13 – What they did to Daughter One
  • Chapter 14 – What they did to Daughter Two
  • Chapter 15 – Article ADD/ADHD Fraud
  • Chapter 16 – What the social workers did
  • Chapter 17 – What the therapists did
  • Chapter 18 – What the judges did
  • Chapter 19 – What I did
  • Chapter 20 – The board of supervisors investigation/ recommendation
  • Chapter 21 – My Two Appeals
  • Chapter 22 – The federal suit/ court oversight-settlement
  • Chapter 23 – Grandparents
  • Chapter 24 – Warning! A new business is coming to save our parents

Final Conclusion the big lie/we all pay

Suggestions to Fix the Problem

Index of Sources

Recommended Books


My Testimony

I was never alone. During the toughest fight of my life, my faith in GOD drove me to do the right thing. The Lord put people in my life to help me learn what I needed to do and teach me how to represent myself. I read thousands of pages of law to prepare but found that it was overwhelming. The more I learned, the more I realized that I did not know. Before court, I would stop to pray and ask for the Lord’s help. I began to see that truth didn’t matter in this court and that the concept of right and wrong didn’t seem to be an issue that was of any great concern.

“The parent’s court appointed attorney gets their check from the same place as the state’s attorney and the children’s attorney and the judge. Like every other employee on earth, they work for the party that gives them their paycheck. Their job is to keep their job. Nobody has anything to lose as long as the child is kept away from the “potentially” abusive parent, except for the child and the parent, who are both equal victims.”

Everyone in the courtroom seemed to not understand what I meant when I accused the social workers of fraud, withholding exculpatory evidence, and fabricating evidence. It was a sight to see. All those educated people and me. I didn’t even spend enough time in college to get a degree and the odd thing was that no one challenged my charges against the social workers, they merely ignored them. Everything that I submitted to the juvenile court was under oath and I could have been put in jail for perjury if I lied.

The social workers tried to terminate my parental rights but, in the end, I got my kids back and I also received a settlement to drop my federal suit against Sacramento County. It included cash and a waiver of all costs incurred by the county during the time they held my kids captive. There were also the litigation costs in eight different courts over a period of 5 years.

It has been laid on my heart to share the information that I learned in order to help parents with a resource that was not available to me when I needed it the most. The resources used to tell the story in this book only scratch the surface as to what is available to document the fraud on the American people. (See resources)

More About Don Lyons

Don appeared pro se in his court battle to secure the return of his two daughters and received a settlement in return for dropping his federal lawsuit against Sacramento County CPS and various government employees.

Don’s book provides an overview of the financial incentives behind a system that must keep children from their families in order to stay “in business”. It exposes the people that profit by keeping this system operating with no accountability and perpetuates the big lie – that children are being moved to safety – when in fact, according to our own government; children in foster care are much more likely to be killed or molested than those within the general public. Various government sources estimate that anywhere from 50 to 70 percent of these children are removed from their families, unnecessarily.

The Federal Department of Health and Human Services admits that over 100,000 children removed from their parents, in the year of 2001 alone, were later found to not have been maltreated at all. The State of California Little Hoover Commission says as many as 30-70% of children in group homes in California should not have been taken from their parents, and the Director of L.A. Children and Family Services states that experts have estimated that as many as half of the children in the county’s foster care system could have been left with their families if appropriate services had been provided.

Considering the fact that these are government sources having an interest in not alarming the public, how bad is it really?

Many children are being removed that should not be.

Once removed, the children are not being moved to safety.

So far, no one is being held accountable for the damage done to American families.

The latest figures show that as many as 20% of all public school children in the US (1 in 5) are on some type of psychiatric drug and forces are at work locally and nationwide, to impose mandatory mental health screening for every man woman and child. Even babies.

Money is the key factor as to why these things are true. The alarming number of families being separated and damaged for government money should stand on its own as proof that this is not merely a mistake. This “system” has deceived the public into thinking that we have an epidemic of child abuse in America. The “system” claims that it is the answer to the child abuse problem. The “system” does not help families.


The author is not a lawyer and cannot give legal advice, and has done his best to provide useful and accurate information but laws and legal procedures are constantly changing. If you require legal advice see a lawyer. If and when you utilize the information within these pages it is your responsibility to insure that the facts and legal information provided are applicable to your situation.


  1. Heather D.

    “This is a great book!

    I purchased it at a law bookstore in downtown Sacramento shortly after my kids were removed in 2006. I went in there looking for some kind of book that could help me with my case and as it turns out, the owner of the bookstore told me it was the most popular book on CPS they had! I too live in Sacramento and can say that I experienced CPS and the system the same exact way as he did. Kudos to Don Lyons!!!”

    ~Heather D., Sacramento, CA

  2. Jeremy (verified owner)

    It’s almost 2016 and 99% of what Don Lyons reveals in this exposé on Sacramento County Child Protective Services and the Juvenile Dependency Court still happens! I encourage ALL parents who may be facing these agencies to purchase a copy of this ebook! Thousands of families have faced almost certain destruction at the hands of caseworkers, court appointed attorneys, referees, judges, and other personnel “just doing their job” and are hellbent on keeping their status and position. Don’t let yours be one of those families! Get this book now!

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